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This is the first form of the SmartOB Version 3 forms. Version 3 Form 1 differs from that in Version 2 by the following. It adds a Hospital field. It expands the G, T, P, A, and L values and also automatically calculates Gravida based on the T (Term), P (Preterm) and A (Pre-viable) values. Allergies are automatically repeated on Form 3. An automatically calculated BMI field is added and transferred to Form 3. Most of the form is self-explanatory. The details to the right are for clarification of the items that might need some added explanation.

Pop-up explanations occur throughout the forms to assist new employees with data entry. These explanations may be ignored, moved by dragging, or removed by hitting the "ESC" key.

Pt. Number: for an identifying patient number, if used.

The AGE of the patient is calculated for you and is based on the pt's DOB and her Final EDD from Ob Form 3.

If you put a date in the LMP field, then the forms calculate a tentative EDD on Form 3. "?" is the default unless the pt is sure about her LMP. You may create a list of hospitals to choose from if you deliver at more than one. You may also create a list of insurance companies. The type of phones can be changed to suit the individual patient.

Gravida is calculated based on T, P, and A.

If Latex is placed in the allergies field, a large Latex Allergy appears at the top of Form 3.

BMI is automatically calculated and transferred to Form 3.

"?" for LMP
"-'s" for patient and family history
"adequate" for BONY PELVIS
PNV and FeSO4 for Meds

If you prefer to have all the data entered for every new obstetrical patient, you can delete all the default values, leaving you with blank fields on your template forms.


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