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This is the fifth form of the SmartOB Version 3 forms. As with all the other forms, this form has been designed to perform optimally with a Tablet computer using just the pen as the input device in most instances. This facilitates workflow during the prenatal visit. Form 5 is all new for Version 3. The lab section has been greatly expanded from Version 2 although monitoring is essentially the same. Most of the form is self-explanatory. The details to the right are for clarification of the items that might need some added explanation.

When this form loads for the first time during a session, a Warning box pops up reminding the user to document any missing data based on the EGA as calculated from the Final EDD, the computer date and the Preferences set by the user if not already warned. Most of the LABS section values are monitored by the forms and the thresholds and EGA's are set by the User on the Preferences sheet.

The Name and Number are carried over from Form 1. As with the other forms, pop-up boxes provide guidance and facilitate data entry. The NICA and Healthy Start fields are user customizable.

When you click certain Date fields, the above date is automatically the default date on the Calendar. This speeds data entry when drawing many labs in one day. Drop-down boxes associated with each field containing the values available to that field also increases data entry speed.

There are several blank lab fields available to be used as necessary. If you should need to order even more labs, those labs and results can always be documented in the Progress Notes on Form 4.

Counseling is entirely new section and pop-up boxes explain to the novice users the purpose of each field.

The Diabetic Labs and Urine Cultures is also a new section. Here there is room to document the ranges of glucose values that preceded 20 office visits, 4 HgbA1C's and 12 urine cultures. The 1 hr postprandials can be changed to 2 hr.

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