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The Tracking Log records EVERY change to the forms, whether they are additions, deletions or just slight modifications. The information recorded is the Cell Changed, Name of User making the change, Date and Time of the change, Previous value and New value. Tracking is by default turned Off. The forms that you downloaded have an empty Tracking Log. Once you've set the forms up as you would like them, you may need to Clear the Tracking Log of any changes you may have made if you had turned Tracking On. Then save the forms as your template. Do not recycle forms because the changes on the previous forms will be part of the tracking of the new form.

The Tracking Log isn't for everyone. Tracking is for large practices that demand accountability. If security is your primary objective, set a passcode that is required to change a value. Setting a passcode to protect changes in cells is done on the Preferences sheet and is explained here.

The Tracking Log is turned On/Off on the bottom of the Preferences sheet in Version 2 and the top of the Preferences sheet in Version 3 and is explained here.

The instructions below explain how to View, Clear and Close the Tracking Log.

The Tracking Log is accessed from either the SmartOB menu or the pop-up menu.

The last menu on the menu bar in Excel 2003 is the SmartOB menu. If you then select Tracking Log, the Tracking Log Passcode window will then open (see below). In Excel 2007, the SmartOB menu is found by selecting Add-Ins.

Alternatively, Right-Clicking anywhere on any form will bring up the pop-up menu to the left. Selecting Tracking Log in the bottom of the pop-up window will also open the Tracking Log Passcode window below.
The Tracking Log is passcode protected. The default passcode is "SmartOB" and is filled in for you. Click OK or hit Enter.
The Tracking Log passcode should be changed to something other than "SmartOB." Select the Yes button to get you to the next window.
Change the Tracking Log passcode to something that you will remember. You need to enter it twice. Then click OK and you will be brought to the tracking log.
When you're done viewing the Tracking Log, either select Close Tracking Log from the SmartOB menu or Right-Click anywhere on the sheet and you will see a pop-up menu similar to the one on the left. Select "Close Tracking Log" and the User is returned to the SmartOB Prenatal Forms.

If you are setting up a template and you need to clear the Tracking Log, select ! CLEAR Tracking Log ! from either the SmartOB menu or the pop-up menu and follow the instructions.

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