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Here you will find a variety of downloads available to the obstetrics and gynecology provider. The sale of SmartOB prenatal forms funds this website.

SmartOB Prenatal Forms

SmartOB Prenatal Forms are a set of intelligent electronic prenatal forms that run in the Microsoft Excel environment. You may download the forms for free and may test them indefinitely prior to your decision to purchase an annual license fee. The license allows the User(s) to save the forms and any future upgrades for the number of years purchased on the license.

SmartOB Forms Batch Print Utility

This utility will print, fax or convert any or all of the SmartOB Prenatal Forms from any number of charts without having to open and close each one. It runs in Excel 2003 and above.

SmartOB Forms Customization Utility

This utility can load when called by a new set of SmartOB Prenatal Forms, v3.15. It will allow the User to copy the customization of a  previous template. In version 3.16 and above, this utility is built into the Prenatal Forms. It runs in Excel 2003 and above.

OB Calculator

This is an obstetrical gestational age calculator that precisely calculates the exact gestational age based on LMP, EDD or ultrasound. It runs in Excel 2003 and above.

Diabetes Calculator

This is an obstetrical diabetes calculator used for easily calculating insulin dosage in pregnancy following an accepted protocol. It runs in Excel 2003 and above.

Gyn Evaluation Form

For those of you providing gynecological care, this is the form that I have used for my annual gynecologic visits. This form runs in Excel 2003 and above.

Encounter Form

This is an example of the encounter form template I use. There is a space in the lower left corner where my billing software prints the name of the patient. This form runs in Excel 2003 and above.

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