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Many of the forms on this site, including the SmartOB Prenatal Forms, require that Macros be enabled in Excel.

What are Macros?
The Macros are the VBA programs that run in the background and provide the functionality of the forms. Without them, the forms wouldn't be much smarter than paper. There is no malicious content in any of the Macros from this site. The Macros in these forms do not check the Internet or any personal data on your computer nor do they write any data to your hard drive or the Internet. However, the Macros for the SmartOB Prenatal Forms will read any license file that you install.

Both Excel 2003 and 2007 allow several levels of Macro security. If the only Excel files you use are those from SmartOB and your own, you may set Macro security to the lowest setting and the Macros will always run.

If you set the Macros to the next highest security level, you will have to actively enable the Macros every time you load a form or the forms may load without any notification that the macros have been disabled. I strongly recommend against this as the forms will load and you may think the Macros are running when they're not. This is a relatively common problem.

For security settings higher than the lowest level, you should install and trust the SmartOB Digital Certificates. Digital certificates are secure digitally signed instructions that tell your computer that you trust the content of the material being loaded. That is the best way to use any of the forms from this site if you have any concerns about security.

Setting Security and Installing the Digital Certificate differs somewhat between Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and Windows versions.

For installation instructions of the SmartOB Digital Certificate in Excel 2003 go here.)

For installation instructions of the SmartOB Digital Certificate in Excel 2007 go here.)

For installation instructions of the SmartOB Digital Certificate in Excel 2010 go here.)

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