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This is the third form of the SmartOB Version 2 forms. This form has been designed to perform optimally with a Tablet computer using just the pen as the input device in most instances. This facilitates workflow during the prenatal visit. Most of the form is self-explanatory. The details to the right are for clarification of the items that might need some added explanation. Much of the monitoring that happens on this form is set by the User on the Preferences Sheet explained here.

When this form loads for the first time during a session, a Warning box pops up reminding the user to fill in any fields that should be documented by the EGA based on the Final EDC, the computer date and the Preferences set by the user. As with the other forms, pop-up boxes facilitate data entry.

The Name, Number and Pre-Gravid Weight are carried over from Form1. LMP and EDC are carried over from Form1 as well but none of the calculations are based on those dates.

The Final EDC is set by you. Every calculation performed by these forms is based only on that date so no calculations are performed until that field is filled in.

When you enter the visit Date, the EGA is automatically calculated and filled in for you.

If the B/P > 140 systolic or 90 diastolic there is a warning. Thresholds over baseline can also be set on Preferences.

The rest of the fields per visit are drop-down boxes that may be used to increase data entry speed.

If the patient is Rh neg., a warning will appear to document RhoGAM if that field is empty. A warning appears if there is no 3 hr GTT if the 1 hr glucola is abnormal. GBS, as well as every lab, is also monitored. There are 2 fields for Ab screen, HBSAg, Urine C&S, and HIV that can be set in User Preferences.

NICA can be monitored if you're in Florida.

This form pops up when the Notes field is entered on Form 3 & 3 (2). It allows you to quickly and effortlessly build >90% of your Notes without having to use a keyboard. The default button is Finish, so hitting the Enter key will close this form.

Clicking the Add to Notes button will add the selected notes from the list to the Notes. Clicking the Delete from Notes button will delete the highlighted selection from the notes wherever it is located. Copy Previous will copy the previous notes into the Notes.

You may also type and edit directly in the Notes field.

When you're done, just select Finish.


This form appears when an empty INITIALS field is selected on Form 3 and Form 3 (2). It allows for entering Initials without a keyboard and provides management of the Initials on the Forms. The Initials are limited to 3 letters.

Once you enter the Initials of those who will be typically using the forms, you may save them as part of the template forms so you don't have to keep entering them with every new patient.

The Problem List is where the user can document the 8 most concerning diagnoses for the current pregnancy. Each field in the problem list at the bottom contains a drop-down list of some high risk diagnoses that can be pulled up and modified as desired. If you use the diagnosis as worded, the ICD code is automatically supplied to the right.

Lastly, Form 3 (2) looks identical to the above form and all fields are carried over from this form to 3 (2). Form 3 (2) is a continuation form that is available should the patient require more than the 14 visits available on Form 3. As such, the only fields available for data entry are the visit fields.

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