This is where the bulk of the programming and monitoring takes place. Again the patient name and number as well as the LMP and Pre-Gravid Weight carries over from Form 1. The EDC is calculated based on the LMP automatically but the Final EDC is manually entered. As with many of the fields on the forms, the Final EDC may be entered via a drop-down box or entered directly. If Latex is listed as an allergy on Form 1, then Latex Allergy appears at the top of Form 3. The primary advantage of the SmartOB Prenatal Forms is the reminders that "pop up" when this form is loaded or when called. The programming helps to all but eliminate errors of omission by calculating the gestational age of the patient based on the computer date and determining what, if any, labs are missing. When the date of the visit is entered, the forms calculate the gestational age and enters it for you. If the blood pressure exceeds either 140 systolic or 90 diastolic, the form warns the user and the values appear red. Also, the user sets the values to warn for B/P increases over baseline. Likewise, under the Labs section, abnormal values appear in red. The program reminds the user to document lab values at the gestational ages set by the user. If the patient is Rh negative, the forms remind the user to give RhoGAM at the gestational age set by the user. The user sets the gestational age to remind the user to get a 1 hour glucola and also the value that is considered abnormal to remind the user to enter the 3 hour GTT values. 3 hour GTT values that exceed 105/190/165/145 respectively appear in red.