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SmartOB Prenatal Forms are now free to use

First, thanks to all those who appreciated the usefulness of the SmartOB Prenatal Forms and made SmartOB a success with their support. The forms were initially created to make the prenatal visit and the prenatal care of the patient as efficient and safe as possible for my practice. With support, they evolved over time. As I have ceased private practice obstetrics, I have no need for the forms myself and therefore no personal interest in their continued development.

They are now free to download and use "as is" without the need for a license. The SmartOB Prenatal Forms are fully developed and should function perfectly into the foreseeable future. They have served me well for years, efficiently helping to keep my patients safe and me out of litigation for all the years of their use.

To all existing users, thank you again for your support over the years. You are not abandoned, you just get to use the forms for free.

To obtain a copy of the FREE SmartOB Prenatal Forms, please email a request.

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