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Help is always available with the SmartOB Prenatal Forms. This Help Page is accessible from the SmartOB Prenatal Forms by either Right-Clicking anywhere on the Forms and selecting SmartOB Help in the pop-up window or selecting SmartOB Help from the SmartOB menu on the menu bar. You will need Internet access.

Using the SmartOB Prenatal Forms in Excel

    Loading and Customizing the Forms 
    * Running Macros in Excel 
    Navigating the Forms
    Version 2, Page by Page
        Form 1  
        Form 2  
        Form 3  
        Form 4  
    Version 3, Page by Page
        Form 1  
        Form 2  
        Form 3  
        Form 4  
        Form 5  
    Using the Reminders/Warnings 
    Changing the Reminder/Warning Settings 
    Accessing the User Tracking Log 
    Printing or Faxing or E-mailing your forms 

    Getting Help and your Expiration Date
    Passcodes in SmartOB Prenatal Forms

    Sharing the SmartOB Prenatal Forms

Working with the SmartOB Prenatal Forms in Windows

    Using File Explorer, file structure, and creating new charts 
    Where to put the SmartOB.Lic file that was attached to the purchase confirmation Email 
    Taking Your electronic SmartOB Prenatal Records with you 
    Accessing your electronic SmartOB Prenatal Records from anywhere using the Internet 

Real World Applications of the SmartOB Prenatal Forms

    How to use the SmartOB Forms in your office 

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