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Welcome to SmartOB, the site dedicated to helping you provide obstetrical care smarter.

What are SmartOB Prenatal Forms? They are a powerful set of intelligent prenatal forms designed to run in the Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and above environment. Used by clinicians around the country and internationally, they provide the practitioner with many features including automated calculations, automatic risk identification, and reminders that help to eliminate errors of omission. The forms also provide data entry checking and facilitation as well as pop-up help boxes that make the prenatal office visit more efficient and with less errors in documentation.

Still using paper charts and want to convert to digital but can't choose which expensive EMR to buy? Why not do it yourself inexpensively? Check out how to convert all your tons of paper to digital and put all your charts in a device that you can hold in the palm of your hand at the Paperless Office.

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