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Navigating Excel forms is fairly easy and straightforward.

You Tab from field to field or you can simply click on the fields with a Mouse. You can use a Pen if you're using a Tablet computer. You cannot access every field. Certain fields are protected because they contain information that is part of the form or they contain formulas and therefore, information that is provided or calculated for you. Protecting the fields prevents accidental deletion of the contents of these protected fields and increases the speed of data entry.

The SmartOB Prenatal Forms have 5 visible sheets, Ob Forms 1 through 4 and a second Form 3 called 3b.

First, you will want to adjust the size of your forms to fit your screen. The forms are taller than they are wide (portrait), whereas most computer screens are wider than they are tall (landscape). Tablet computers have a special feature that change to landscape when used as a Tablet. And the screen resolution will determine how much information is shown, so it is likely that you will want to adjust the size of your forms to match your viewing needs.

If the formatting toolbar is visible, adjust the image view there (green ellipse). You can type numbers in the box that will best match your screen resolution. Otherwise click on View and then Zoom and you will see the box below. (red ellipses)


At this point you can click on any of the radio buttons or type a number into the box on the right of the Custom selection. You will be able to optimize your view by choosing your numbers through experimentation.

Once your view is set, this should be saved as part of your template form so you don't have to change your view every time you see a patient on the computer(s) you use in the office. Of course you may need to change this when viewing on remote computers such as at the hospital or elsewhere.


To see the different sheets, simply click on the tab of the sheet you want to see; e.g., clicking on the Ob Form 2 Tab (red arrow) activates Ob Form 2.

You can select multiple sheets by using the Shift or Ctrl keys. If your forms look like the ones on the left and you click on Ob Form 3 (2) while holding the Shift key down, you will have selected all the forms.

Entries may be typed into empty cells without warning but when an attempt is made to change a cell, this warning appears. This is to prevent a cell from accidentally being altered. The default here is "No," forcing the user to actively select "Yes," another safeguard. For the ultimate in security, this may be password protected. See Preferences here

* If you want to modify data in a field without having to retype the entire field hit the F2 key and you will be able to edit the field.

One nice feature built into Excel is that when you start typing data into a field that had been typed previously, Excel will recommend if you want the same data pasted into the current field. Just hit the return key and the data will be entered for you. This can be quite a time saver.

Right-clicking anywhere on the forms brings up other menus that are explained elsewhere.

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