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How you use the SmartOB Prenatal Forms in your office depends on what system you are using now, how many practitioners and offices, and your personal preferences.

You already have an EMR system

If you already have an EMR system, you are probably frustrated and disappointed with the EMR's prenatal forms compared to what you were accustomed to using on paper. You will almost certainly be able to use Excel or Word files and either link them or import them into your record base. SmartOB Prenatal Forms have been successfully integrated into all EMR's where an attempt has been made for integration and they are preferred over the EMR's native prenatal forms. Ask your EMR provider if you can use Word or Excel files with their system.

You do not yet have an EMR system

If you're still using paper charts and want to convert to digital, then this will be an addendum to the Paperless Office. You should read that first.

If you're a solo practitioner, you have several choices about how you want to run your practice.

Desktop computers are very inexpensive now. You could put one in every room and have the nurse or medical assistant chart on the computer. When they're ready to leave the room, the screen saver could be set to be activated instantly with mouse docking. When you enter the room, you could unlock the screen saver and have the prenatal record available to you immediately so that you can do your charting. When you're done, just instantly activate the screen saver and leave. When the nurse/MA goes back in they can finish up the visit and then get the room ready for the next patient and bring up their chart.

Alternatively, you could acquire a number of Tablet computers. That number may equal the number of patients that you will see at any given time or it just might be one. You can then access the charts as you go, opening and closing the patient files as needed.

Now you need to decide where you want to keep your data and there are many choices. You may decide to keep all your data on a hard drive, either on a local fixed desktop computer that is always running or on a portable device that you can take with you. Ideally, you can have your Patient Files folder on a local desktop computer wirelessly networked to your Tablet computer(s). Accessing the charts via the Internet will then be possible (learn how here). If you plan to take your charts with you, go here.

Back-up your data every day effortlessly and quickly with software such as Synchronize It!. Wherever you plan to keep your primary file structure, always make changes ONLY to the files in that structure and then use DUPLICATE for your back-ups. If you make changes to the same file; e.g., a set of prenatal forms in two different locations, then when sync'd, one of those changes will be lost.

Your clerical staff can transmit the SmartOB prenatal records on a regular basis either by printing, faxing or even E-mailing. You could also access your prenatal records from your hospital computer through the Internet with a service such as GoToMyPC . When the patient is delivered and the pregnancy is over, you can then archive the forms by either keeping them in XLS format, printing them or converting them to Adobe Acrobat .pdf's and stacking them as you would paper charts.

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