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Most practitioners are still using some sort of paper prenatal forms. But paper forms can easily get misplaced or damaged and they have a tendency to become messy and sometimes illegible with use. Paper forms have no intelligence, so they can't help you calculate anything or remind you when you should do something. That's why SmartOB Prenatal Forms were developed and it's easy to start using them. All you need is a computer (ideally a Tablet PC) and Excel. And no major time investment is required. Just start with your next new prenatal patient and within 8 months, all your active prenatal patients will be managed using the forms.

SmartOB Prenatal Forms are a set of intelligent electronic prenatal forms that run in the Microsoft Excel environment and offer a better alternative to paper prenatal records. Excel was chosen because almost everyone has and is familiar with Microsoft Office and Excel. If Excel runs on your computer, then so will the SmartOB Forms. By using Microsoft Office and Excel as the backbone of SmartOB, the advantages of those products: power, functionality, and longevity were automatically leveraged into SmartOB; making each set of forms much smaller and thus more portable than if they were a dedicated program.

SmartOB electronic prenatal forms are always monitoring the prenatal care of the patient and they know what the patient's gestational age is and they remind you of what, if any, standard protocol driven information needs to be documented. SmartOB Prenatal Forms provide the user with many other added features and benefits including automatic calculations, automatic transfer of information across forms, pull down list boxes to facilitate data entry, pop-up explanations to speed up learning, data password protection and entry tracking to name a few. Prenatal care is protocol driven and there is a steep learning curve regarding those protocols for new employees. Also, the protocols require constant vigilance. Has a patient at 15 - 20 weeks gestation ever left your office without being offered an MS-AFP or Quad Screen because it was missed by a new employee? This type of protocol error should never happen with SmartOB Prenatal Forms as they take over the mundane task of monitoring protocols.

SmartOB Prenatal Forms do not require Internet access, can be taken with you, instantly transmitted to the hospital with a click of a mouse button, converted to .pdf format (requires inexpensive software that comes free with some scanners), printed to paper if still using paper charts for archiving or can be accessed via the Internet .

SmartOB Prenatal Forms have been in development for years, continually undergo updates and improvements, and are used by practitioners around the country. They are extremely cost-effective. The annual license fee is $29.95 for unlimited use by one practitioner (that's $29.95 if you take care of 1 or 1000 prenatal patients per year). There are alternatives out there. You can design your own forms for free. You can spend $50 or more (depending on volume) on ACOG's  paper forms. Or you can sign up with an Internet-ASP based prenatal system for ~$18 to $25 per patient depending on volume.

Key Benefits

  • A better alternative to paper prenatal records
  • Automatic calculation of gestational age & other values
  • Decreases malpractice risk by eliminating errors of omission
  • Improve prenatal visit workflow and efficiency
  • Reduce paper, chart copying and transfer costs
  • Eliminate lost/misplaced charts and improve security
  • Monitoring of required/recommended labs for prenatal care
  • Set User Defined Reminders and Protocols for any EGA
  • Built-In Prescription Writing utility saves time
  • Pop-up explanations speed learning curve for new employees
  • Monitoring of abnormal values set by practitioner
  • Improved chart legibility / defensibility
  • Improved portability either physically or via the Internet
  • Individualized practitioner controlled thresholds
  • Password protection of fields
  • Automatic logging of every entry/deletion by user
  • Customizable Header for individual practice
  • Formatted to fit 8.5 x 11 page for archiving or hospital chart

For more about Version 2 Forms go HERE. Version 2 is no longer supported but remains available for previous users.
For more about Version 3 Forms go HERE.

* These forms require Excel Macros to be enabled. how to turn on Macros

The forms do not run fully on this site and should be Downloaded for full functionality.

*Download the latest SmartOB Prenatal Forms v3.20.20THESE ARE NOW FREE

Download an Example SmartOB V3 Prenatal Forms, Purchase License

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