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Printing , Faxing and E-mailing the SmartOB Prenatal Forms is easier than performing the same tasks with paper charts.

The SmartOB Prenatal form are formatted to fit perfectly on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

To Print the forms, simply select the sheet or sheets that you want to print (this is described in the third window down here). Then select File then Print or hit the key combination Ctrl-P. You never have to fumble with fasteners and copiers again.

As you can see, if you have PaperPort or some other converting software, you can just as easily convert the forms to PDF format for archiving or stacking electronically by making the selection below Print.

Faxing the forms is quite simple from the computer if it has a modem hooked up to a phone line or you have Internet phone service. To fax the forms, simply select the sheet or sheets you want to fax and then select File then Print or hit the key combination Ctrl-P as you did above. You will then be given an option to choose a printer. Select FAX as the printer and you never again have to pull a sheet out of a chart to photocopy, fax and then replace in the chart.


If you need to print, fax, or convert multiple charts at one time, this task can easily be accomplished with the SmartOB Batch Print Utility shown to the left.

The SmartOB Batch Print Utility is free and can be downloaded here.


E-mailing your charts to the hospital is the easiest and quickest way to get them there if you're using E-mail encryption (unless you're accessing them through the Internet. See how to do that here).  Contact your hospital's IT department to set that up.

Your screen will look similar to this depending on the E-mail software you are using. Start your E-mail software and select your hospital and send. Then simply attach the files that you want to send and hit the send button. That's It! How does that compare with what you're doing now?

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