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OK, you've purchased the SmartOB Prenatal Forms License. Thank you, again.

The confirmation Email to the left contains the attached SmartOB.Lic file (circled in red).

The SmartOB.Lic file contains the information that unlocks your demo forms into the fully functioning prenatal forms that you can modify and save.

The Email you receive will look similar to this but will depend on your Email program. The SmartOB.Lic file will be an attachment. Click on it and you will be asked if you want to download and then save it. You can then save it to the directory of your choice. It is recommended that you create a "smartob" subfolder of the root drive (typically c:\) and place the file there as described below.

Keep this Email and the attached license. It would also be a good idea to make a backup of the SamrtOB.Lic file and put it in a safe place.


The SmartOB Prenatal Forms need to find the SmartOB.Lic file for them to function properly and update the license as needed. The SmartOB Prenatal forms look in either a SmartOB subdirectory of a lettered drive (e.g., c:\SmartOB, f:\SmartOB, g:\SmartOB, etc.) or the same directory where the files reside.

Here the SmartOB.Lic file is in the SmartOB folder of the C:\ drive.

Storing the license in a file and not in the registry allows you to take your files with you, making them portable. If you had a USB Flash drive (e.g. drive letter J:\), you could create a subfolder named SmartOB so the path would be J:\SmartOB\ and put the SmartOB.Lic file in there as shown to the left.

Then all the prenatal forms on the portable device will find the license file regardless of the computer to which the the drive is connected.

Alternatively, you may keep the SmartOB.Lic file in the same folder as the SmartOB Prenatal Forms that you are using and they will find it there as well. For instance, if you have all your SmartOB charts in an "OB Patients" folder on a flash drive, you may have your SmartOB.Lic file there.

Notice that in this case the SmartOB.Lic file has been renamed to "Jones SmartOB 2008.Lic." You can rename the .Lic file anything you want as long as "smartob" is in the name and "lic" is the extension. This allows you to identify the license in the case of multiple users on one machine and also allows you to identify newer licenses from those with older expiration dates. This is described further below.

Now perhaps you may have multiple practitioners with individual licenses where the charts are stored in different directories. The SmartOB Prenatal Forms will find all the licenses stored in the SmartOB folders of the root directory of the various drives and in the folder where the active chart resides.

You will be presented with a window that looks similar to the one to the one to the left. If the license files are named appropriately, there should be no difficulty choosing the correct one.

Leaving the input field empty skips the file check and uses any existing license that may already be stored in that set of prenatal forms.

You may want to store the individual licenses in the same folders as the respective practitioners charts. Alternatively, you are advised to rename the SmartOB.Lic files to reflect the name of the practitioner associated with that license. Let's say there is a Dr. Smith and a Dr. Jones who each have purchased a license separately and have now merged practices. The forms using Dr. Smith's license states Licensed to Dr. Smith and the forms using Dr. Jones license states Licensed to Dr. Jones if that were the user names they chose when they registered with SmartOB.com. Dr. Jones could rename his SmartOB.Lic file something like "Jones SmartOB.Lic" or "SmartOB Jones.Lic" and Dr. Smith could do likewise. As long as the word "SmartOB" is somewhere in the name and the file has the extension ".Lic," the SmartOB Prenatal Forms will find it.

To avoid the multiple user license issue, purchase a multi-user license corresponding to the number of practitioners in your practice and register with a name that reflects your entire practice, such as, Happy Valley Women's Care. Then your forms will read "Licensed to Happy Valley Women's Care."

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