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Chances are that you may want to keep all your patient charts in a folder on a desktop computer that is functioning as your network server. But because obstetrics is such a dynamic and unpredictable medical process, you may elect to store all your prenatal charts on a mobile device such as a laptop computer or a peripheral drive or flash drive. If you're a solo practitioner, the advantage of this is that you will always have the latest office visit data with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You may decide to keep all your charts on a USB hard drive that can be taken with you. It is even feasible that you could decide to store ALL your charts on a USB Flash drive. 16 GB, 32 GB and even larger USB Flash drives are currently available and have the capacity to store all the data from most offices. If you do decide to go the portable route, make sure that the portable media has data encryption. When you are in the office seeing patients, keep your charts on your office server if you want your office staff to be able to perform clerical tasks when you're not there. Have your peripheral device (hard or flash drive) plugged into the networking computer. Before you leave the office, back-up the files to the peripheral device by synchronizing with the office computer with a program such as Synchronize It! (Always use DUPLICATE from the primary File location). Then, unplug the peripheral drive and take it with you when you leave. Your office personnel will still have the latest information available when you're not there. It is very important to never make changes to anything but the primary file structure. Duplicate file structures should be for back-up purposes only. The best way for you and  your office staff to have access to manipulate and change the files all the time is to set up Internet access to your main office computer and keep all your files there. To see how to do that go here.

Portable devices are becoming amazingly small and powerful.  Very small, fully functional computers with solid state drives are currently available. These full-fledged computers can have Internet access almost everywhere through a variety of cellular service providers or via Wi-Fi. By the time you read this, there may be full functioning computers the size of current cell phones and taking their place.

For availability of your charts without having to take them with you, set up Internet access to your office computer (see how here).

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